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Do you keep a Santa Barbara County life list? Here you can participate in a (mostly) non-competitive game of sharing your county list total with others. If you have seen at least 350 species in Santa Barbara County you can have your name added to the Listers page. Simply send your current total along with a few comments in the format below describing any memorable milestones and your biggest hits and misses, and you will be added to the page. A total of 400 is a milestone worthy of special recognition and participants become members of the exclusive "400 CLUB" - a pinnacle of birding accomplishments. Contact the webmaster to be included.

Santa Barbara County Listers

Big Day and Big Year listing is a long-standing tradition in the sport of birding. Local birders have continued to chase birds in the hopes of obtaining a new high count for a 24 hour period or at the end of a very long Big Year.

Records were meant to be broken, and every birder involved in such a challenge knows the rewards and disappointments in trying to break previous records. These contest pages are dedicated to all local Big Day and Big Year participants, and to those who attempt to break their records.

Big Day & Big Year Contests

The American Birding Association publishes it’s annual Big Day Report and List Report as a supplement to “Birding” magazine. This publication showcases members' birding achievements via a collection of anecdotal, one-day birding adventures and list totals from the previous year. Our county Big Day & Big Year contests follow the ABA listing rules.

ABA Big Day/List Report

Contest Pages

County “Big Day” Page

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County “Big Year” Page

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Big Day & Big Year

SBA Listers & 400 Club

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County Listers

All participants involved in Big Day or Big Year contests and field birding in general are encouraged to follow the ABA Code of Birding Ethics. The ABA Code is a set of principles promoting the welfare of birds and their environment and overall birder conduct.

ABA Code of Ethics