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This rare Yellow-throated Warbler was photographed at Gaviota State Beach on 20 May, 2019.

Photo: David Levasheff

Yellow-throated Warbler

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Baird’s Sandpiper © Aidan Briggs


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The annual checklist supplement to the American Ornithological Society’s 7th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds is out which details several splits, some new species names, and sequence changes to a few bird families such as plovers, swallows and sparrows. A good overview of the 2019 supplement is available at this ABA Blog post:  

2019 AOS Supplement

2019 AOS Supplement >>

Posted July 21, 2019

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Paul Lehman’s June 2019 edition of The Birds of Santa Barbara County, California is now available. This current update also includes a new appendix, "The Spring Coastal Seabird Migration, 1970s–1980s." Paul’s publication is the most accurate source of information on the status and distribution of county birds. This can be freely downloaded as an ePub or pdf file at the following link:

The Birds of Santa Barbara County

The Birds of SBA County >>

Posted June 9, 2019

The eBird October Big Day is back for 2019. Global Big Day has become a May tradition for tens of thousands of eBirders: 24 hours to put your favorite park/county/state/province country/continent on the global birding stage. This is a spin on the traditional spring Big Day event and shifts the birding effort to fall which is arguably the most popular season for birding. See the previous October Big Day stats HERE >>.

October Big Day

October Big Day >>

Posted August 4, 2019