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This Inca Dove was found in March at a private residence near Orcutt and represents a first county record.

Photo: Jamie Chavez

Inca Dove

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MacGillivray’s Warbler © Ted Ardley


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Beach closures are now in effect at several Santa Barbara County beaches for the federally protected Western Snowy Plover nesting season. Access is limited at Guadalupe Beach, Ocean Park, Surf Beach, and other public beaches on Vandenberg AFB to those with regular Base access. Guadalupe Beach. The season extends from March 1 - September 30 each year.

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Snowy Plover Nesting Season

Posted March 9, 2014


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From Audubon magazine, this four page Internet article on the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon explores a project that plans to use the tools of molecular biology to resurrect extinct animals and discusses whether it can, and should, be brought back to life a century after it disappeared. You can read this fascinating piece here:

Why the Passenger Pigeon Went Extinct >>

Posted April 20, 2014

Unique to birds and their dinosaur ancestors, feathers have evolved into impressive biological structures that come in a surprising diversity of colors and forms. New from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is this interactive tool to help curious minds of all ages learn about these impressive structures. Visit the All About Feathers web site to learn more:

All About Feathers

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Posted April 13, 2014