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ID Guides - Links to Bird ID Resources

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Identification of “Black Petrels” (PDF)

Morphs of the Parasitic Jaeger (PDF)

Occurrence & ID of Leach’s Storm-Petrel (PDF)

Seabirds of the World

Sooty & Short-tailed Shearwaters (PDF)

Bell’s & Sagebrush Sparrows

Identification of Belding’s Savannah Sparrow

The Many Savannah Sparrows (PDF)

Separating Sagebrush from Bell’s Sparrow (PDF)

Spizella Sparrow Hind Neck Pattern (PDF)

White-crowned Sparrow - David Sibley

White-crowned Sparrow - Don Roberson

White-crowned Sparrow - Tom Grey


Dowitcher ID and Ageing (PDF)

Fall Molts of Adult Dowitchers (PDF)

Field Identification of Shorebirds (PDF)

Guide to Shorebirds

Identification of NA Dowitchers (PDF)

Identification of NA Peeps (PDF)

North American Peeps

Pacific and American Golden-Plovers (PDF)

Peep Identification (PDF)

Subspecific ID of the Willet (PDF)

Why are Yellowlegs hard to identify?


Ageing of American & Eurasian Wigeons (PDF)

Cackling vs Canada Goose Bill Shape

Greater vs Lesser Scaup (PDF)

Green-winged vs Common Teal - David Sibley

Cackling vs Canada Goose - David Sibley

Waterfowl ID

Waterfowl ID - Ducks Unlimited


Empidonax Flycatchers - Ratio Approach (PDF)

ID of Yellow-bellied & ‘Western’ Flycatchers (PDF)

ID of Western & Eastern Wood-Pewees (PDF)

Western, Tropical, Couch’s Kingbird Comparison


Dichotomous Keys for W. NA Gull ID (PDF)

Getting Into Shape for Gull ID (PDF)

Gull Index - Martin Reid

Gull Site - Bob Lewis

Gull Identification Chart

Gull Identification Website

Variation in imm Ring-billed Gull - David Sibley


Audubon Guide to NA Hummingbirds

Birdfellow Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds Found in CA

Sheri Williamson’s Hummingbird Site


The Warbler Guide Ageing & Sexing (PDF)

The Warbler Guide Quick Finders Charts

Warblers - Giff Beaton

Warbler Tips ID Charts


Comparison of Red-tailed Hawks (PDF)

Dark Red-tailed Hawks (PDF)

Flight Feather Molt in NA Raptors (PDF)

How to Age Golden Eagles (PDF)

How to Identify Hawks

Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk (PDF)

Sharp-shinned Hawk vs. Cooper’s Hawk


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Recognizing Sapsucker Hybrids (PDF)

Red-br/Red-naped Sap Hybridization (PDF)