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sbcoBIRDING Santa Barbara County Birding

Santa Barbara Breeding Bird Study

The Santa Barbara Breeding Bird Study is a collection of breeding bird records covering the county and projected on maps using Google Fusion Tables.  What began as a consolidation of historical records in field notes from UCSB environmental contract sites has expanded to include input from many observers documenting nearly 170 breeding species.  The effort is sponsored by Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at UCSB and the Santa Barbara Audubon Society.  


Instructions for entry are on the form. Choose one form below to enter your data

This link will download the Excel Data Entry file:

Excel File >>

This link will download the fillable PDF Data Entry file:

PDF File >>


MAP & PHOTO VIEWS: To change the map and photo views click on Map of Latitude > Satellite

Map View

To view individual species, click on the blue Filter button > Common Name > scroll or stretch the window down to see all species represented and the number of records for each.

Once you choose a Common Name (or a Locality, or an Observer, etc.) only records of that species (or place or person) will display on the aerial photo. Clear a filter by clicking the X to the right of the filter name.  Click on any red point to display some of the data for that record.  Add a Filter (or two) to tackle more nuanced questions.  

Viewing Individual Records

DATABASE VIEW: By switching back to Rows 1 mode, you can sort the database in similar fashion. Filters set in Map of latitude mode do not carry over to Rows 1 mode; one needs to reset the filters.

Viewing Database


Go to the BBS page here: Santa Barbara BBS >>

Here’s how to dive in with brief instructions to satisfy simple inquiries: